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14 March 2010


Happy Faces at DVCA Irish Stew Night.JPG


Doagh celebrate St.Patrick 's with an "Irish Stew Night"


Senior Citizens in Doagh celebrated the nation's patron Saint's Day with their annual Irish Stew Night organized by Doagh Village Community Association. Everyone there enjoyed a traditional bowl of hot stew followed by apple tart and fresh cream. The rest of the evening was left in the hands of members of the famous "Grouse Beaters" and a demonstration of Irish dancing was given by local girls Kerry and Kirsty  Jordan. Kirsty is a current world champion and Kerry danced for a time with the famous show "River Dance". Both girls belong to local folk group, "Bracken, who entertained the Doagh Community at last week's successful DVCA Variety Concert.

All who attended the Irish Stew Night in the Torrens Hall really got into the spirit of things by dancing the rest of the evening away to the toe-tapping music of the Grouse Beaters.

The celebration marked the penultimate feature on this year's calendar. The last event takes place on 19 May 2010.  A "Magical Mystery Tour with a Difference" has been organized for Doagh's Senior Citizens. It costs only £ 2 and promises to be a really interesting and fun day! The bus will leave the Torrens Hall on 19 May 2010 at 9.30am. Those wishing to go should contact any of the Doagh Village Community Association Committee members. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. See local posters for contact details.

All reports and photographs taken at any of the events or concerts held during this year, including the Irish Stew Night, can be seen by visiting the weblog at DVCA   http://dvca.blogspirit.com . Those wishing to visit the site to do not have their own computer should ask someone with access to the internet to let them use their equipment. They could also visit the local Library where they can use the computers free of charge. It's not a complicated process. Do not let this put you off! Someone will guide you through the steps required.

Details of next year's program will announced within the next month or so. These will also be posted on the blog.

The DVCA chairman, Mr Leith Burgess expressed his delight that more and more people were coming out to support the events. "Many have been requesting that additional events be organized" said Leith, "The matter will be discussed at the next meeting DVCA. The Association would be delighted to step up the number of events provided that they are well supported by the local community."



09 March 2010

DVCA Winter Concert 3 March 2010

Guest Singer- Davy Clarke.JPG

On Wednesday evening Doagh Village Community Association presented its final concert in this year's program. This took the form of a Variety Concert starring local celebrities Northern Ireland as well as talented performers from South-East Antrim.

The show was compared by the multi-talented comedian, Terence McKeag, who introduced to the delighted audience a wide variety of acts, which included performances from singer Kenny Archer, Ulster Scots folk group, Bracken, Pipers and Drummers from the Major Sinclair Memorial Pipe Band, the very talented local Holestone duo, The Rea Brothers and a guest performance by the fabulous singer Doagh, Davy Clarke.

The concert was held in Doagh Primary School and was well supported by a large local audience.

The aim of the concerts is to bring high quality live music right into the heart of Doagh and South-East Antrim  and so make it easily accessible to the large rural population and to the many people living locally who find it impossible to enjoy such performances close to home. This would help them avoid the great expense involved in having to travel to larger venues in the cities or larger towns. There are of course a growing number of new theaters opening up to these can be difficult to reach in the evenings without access to personal transportation. Performance at these venues tend to be quite expensive, as those who run them are faced with having to cover the high costs involved. Locally run events can be organized and managed much more economically and with the generous backing and support of artists as well as sponsorship of organizations such as Newtownabbey Borough Council and the Arts Council for Northern Ireland many more people can enjoy first class music in their own communities at a fraction of the cost. They can also enjoy the fellowship of meeting with their neighbors and friends.

So far the concerts run by the DVCA have included all types of performances from classical to folk and country, thus giving a wide choice to those living in the area.

The quality and success of the concert has now become more widely recognized and this is reflected in the fast growing audiences attending each of  the events.

Doagh Village Community Association intend to expand their concert program next Autumn and Winter and perhaps increase the number and variety of concerts given.

The Association for the measure of satisfaction they have had in organizing the events has been reflected in the growing number of people who have attended the concerts. All of the work done in the organization and management of the programs has been done by DVCA members themselves.  However without the continued support of the community the purpose of their work would not be so worthwhile.

The next concert is planned for early Autumn of 2010. Details of this will be announced at the end of the summer.

 Maj.Sinclair Mem. Pipe Band.JPG